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August 2017: Summer Fun


Is your mind thinking, "August already??" or "It's only August. Hooray!" 

Either way, we've still got a good six weeks of summer, sunshine, and fun ahead. This month we'll be taking advantage of the warmth in a playful way, experimenting with less common poses where heat can help create more space in the body to get in there. 

Each class will lead you through a wise sequence of poses designed to prepare you for fun poses like dragonfly, dancer plank, all the dogs, and hanuanasana (see pic below). Have no fear! Even if those poses find you wobbly, not quite there, or celebrating a class mate's success, you will benefit from your yoga this month. 

Remember, your value as a yogi and a human has nothing to do with your ability to do any particular yoga pose. What's more important is the internal quality of attention and awareness you bring with you both to class and to life. Plus, you never know when you'll surprise yourself with your progress and find yourself being celebrated by your classmates!

And, I may just bust out a theme song or two. Ready to have some fun? Join me in class and get ready to play.

Summer fun with hanumanasana aka the splits.

Summer fun with hanumanasana aka the splits.