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I Am NOT My Hair

The Spiritual Lessons of Hair, part 2 I have this really awesome yoga teacher, Jeanne, and when I lived in L.A. I would go to her class as often as I could. That was from the late 90's 'til 2007, so for 9 years or so I heard her voice about once a week.

One of the things she said a lot, so much I can hear her as I write this, was "You are not the numbers on the scale." "You are not the car you drive." "You are not the dollars in your bank account."

Conceptually, in my head, I would get that. Sort of. Except maybe not really. Because when I would look in the mirror I could only see what was on the outside. Not that what was on the outside was bad, it's just that was what I could see. My body, my hair, my clothes, my job.

Well, she would keep saying it and I would keep sort of getting the concept without feeling that truth. Not that I worried over it or tried to figure it out. Actually, I would pretty much not think about it ever except to hear it in class.

Recently I had one of those sweet, oh, NOW I get it type moments that was actually years in the making. Since late 2011 I've been focusing on who I am on the inside. I've uncovered my dharma, my soul's purpose in this life, and am doing my best to live from and honor that as much as possible each day. I've been focusing on how I want to feel in life rather than on what I want to get out of it.


Because change can be slow and gentle, I really wasn't so aware of how much I have shifted to living from my heart and soul, from the inside, from my dharma, until I cut my hair.

Between Christmas and New Year I went from about shoulder-length layered bob to a pixie cut. Across the board I got three distinct reactions from people. 1. You are so brave/courageous. 2. You look more like you than I've ever seen you. 3. You sound like you, you're acting like you, but you don't look like you.

While I agreed with all 3 on some level it was response #3 that I was feeling and giving me that "Oh, I get now" understanding.

For a minute there I was having disconnect when I looked in the mirror because I, too, thought the change made me look different.

The cool part? I totally still felt exactly like me. I was still acting like me. Who I am on the inside, my purpose in life and way of being in the world hadn't changed one single bit. And, oh does that feel sooooooo good. To know, really know and feel in the cells of my body, my value, my worth, my existence and reason for being her is all inside of me. And I am choosing to live it.

I am NOT my hair, my car, my bank account...

And neither are you, my dear. If that doesn't make sense right now just keep listening and living.

Want to dig deeper and learn how to live from the inside like I did? You can Pick My Brain or schedule some private yoga lessons with me and I can help you align and engage with your soul.

PS - I really am a short hair gal and heart and yes, I love my pixie cut.

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