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Getting Ego Out of the Way

Ego is a lot like fear, a great and necessary part of our being, sometimes. Both designed to keep us alive, both can get in the way and muck things up.

Ego is all about, see me, hear me, value me, notice my contributions, recognize me. This is good. We evolved from families and tribes where being a contributing member meant survival, being supported by the tribe and not kicked out, left to fend on our own.

Ego can also become the only thing that drives our actions, when everything we do is for some type of personal gain: likes and followers, more money, awards, notoriety. These things are not wrong or bad, but when the only purpose is more and more and more we can feel like we’re missing something essential in our lives.

Often in yoga and other spiritual traditions you’ll hear concepts of burning away the ego, transcending or removing it completely. I think it’s more like fear, that we make friends with it, learn to recognize its positive aspects, and invite it to take the back seat when not needed.

One way I’ve been releasing ego’s control in my life is a lesson I heard from my teacher and mentor, Jeanne, many years ago and am now learning and incorporating into the cells of my being. She said, “Sometimes keep things between you and God.*”

*When I use the word God, I refer to All That Is, That Which is Greater than Us, the Divine, the Universe, The Cosmic Jellyfish, the Mystery that Abounds, etc.

There are many things recently I’m keeping between me and God. Even telling you this now feels a little like I’m not, but the lesson too valuable not to share. I won’t tell what I’m keeping between me and God, but I’ll tell you the impact it’s having.

I know with certainty that the actions I’m taking are coming from a pure place. They are full of goodness, honesty, Truth, Love, and satisfaction. I know that I am acting for actions sake and not the rewards or personal gain from them. I know that my actions are pure and sincere, in service to the expansion of the Universe.

I’m truly beginning to know what it feels like to allow my life to be an honest expression of the fullness of my soul, not for any gain, simply because that is what we are all here for. The more things I keep between me and God, the more I feel this way.

The next time you feel like sharing publicly or privately some good action you took, consider keeping it between you and God. Let your feelings be an indicator of whether it was ego in command or the pureness of your soul. Try this for an hour, a day, or maybe even a week and uncover for yourself what happens when you keep it between you and God.

“You have a right to your actions,

but never to your actions’ fruits.

Act for action’s sake.

And do not be attached to inaction.”

Bhagavad Gita


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