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Permission Granted

Life has been working out pretty interestingly the last five years. I've been away from home dozens of nights for yoga trainings, both as a student and teacher, while my hubby has stayed home. During those same five years, we've been away together on trips and vacations. 

But my hubby hasn't been away from home without me all that time. He's been intently focused on growing and creating an incredible, thriving business, laser-focused on his goals and dreams. (Shameless shout-out to Wine Country Craftsman!) 

This past week, one of his goals came to fruition. He was hired as a design consultant on a large hotel Malaysia! For the first time in a loooooong time, I found myself at home alone for a week, with some very fussy cats. At first I was out of sorts, uncomfortable with the subtle difference in energy, rhythm, and routine. 

The week became a perfect  opportunity to practice what I preach, to apply the lessons I've learned during my 20+ years with allow.

This week, I gave myself permission to

be weepy and sad, to feel out of sorts, and be a bit lost and unsure.

be awkward and stumble.

nap during Savasana.

be fussy and annoyed at the cats (even though I love them).

be tired of the rain, to wish for warmth and sun.

be nervous.

be dorky and make stupid jokes.

be an amazing teacher.

have my breath taken away by my own accomplishments.

watch too many movies.

make mistakes.

experiment and explore.

do less.


care deeply.

feel lonely.

feel connected.

give fully from my heart to the best of my ability each day.

allow all of these and more without beating myself up, feeling guilt or shame.


This week, I gave myself permission to be human.

May you give yourself the same gift.


May all beings be free and happy.

(Hint: you are a being, may you be free and happy)


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