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The Pants You Wear

"Yoga pants aren't really my style," she said.

Beneath that innocuous sentence lies the feeling, therefore I can't go to yoga classes because you have to wear yoga pants and those aren't for me.

I totally understand. I wear yoga pants six days a week and there are times when I do not want another inch of tight, elastic anything touching my body.

If you're newer to yoga there's something you may not know. Back in the day there was no such thing as "yoga pants". We wore old-school sweats, the kind with a drawstring waist and elastic around the ankles, gym shorts, bike shorts, dance tights, pajamas, tennis gear or whatever felt comfy that allowed us to move around.

Yoga pants worn by my students. Pics taken on the same day.

Yoga pants worn by my students. Pics taken on the same day.

I've worn all those and I've worn the fancy $100-dollar-custom-tailored-to-me pants. I've worn booty shorts and bikinis, super skin tight leggings and loose fitting Thai pants. I love them all and they're great for different reasons. The most important being that I wear what feels good and allows my body to move in its full range of motion.

As I was explaining in The Zen You Bring, yoga is an inside job. The pants you wear are an external factor that have no relationship to your ability to learn, practice, and experience yoga. Please, dear yoginis, do not let marketers lead you to believe yoga can only be done in "yoga pants". Here's why:

Any pants you wear to yoga that you feel comfortable in are yoga pants.

Keep showing up, yogis, in any pants you want!


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