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Rubber & Glue

“I’m rubber and you’re glue;

Bounces off of me and sticks to you!”

Intuitively as children, we knew no matter what the grown ups said, we could feel words and energy directed our way. And we tried our best to deflect the hurtful, negative ones.

 Now that we’re all grown up, let’s turn that little chant around.

“You’re rubber and I’m glue;

Whatever I send bounces off you

And sticks to me instead!”

It’s true. Whatever energy and vibration you send comes back.

What do you want coming back? Love. Compassion. Kindness? Or shit. Negativity. Complaints?

I’m guessing it’s the first one. Amplify those feelings within yourself. Not just toward other people, toward everything. Send love towards your money, your home, your car. Send kindness to your pets, your computer, your job. Send compassion to the mistake you made yesterday, the uncomfortable words someone said to you, the challenges of life.

Not entirely sure how to do that? Sometimes me either. Here’s what I’m learning to do. Sit for just a few minutes each day, quiet and still. And inside your mind repeat the word you want to feel, send out, and receive. Love. Love. Love. Love. Over and over and over til times up.

And you can do this cool experiment from the book E Squared by Pam Grout to see if the vibration is really emanating from you.

Supplies: 2 wire hangers, 2 plastic straws

Prep: Unwind the two hangers, bend them at a 90-degree angle about 6 inches from one end. Slide a straw onto the short end. Bend a little bit of wire around the straw so it doesn’t fall off.

Low-tech "energy wands". Energy detection? High!  

Low-tech "energy wands". Energy detection? High!


Play: Hold each ‘energy wand’ like a six-shooter, out from our waist. Stand completely still and focus your eyes on a spot so they don’t move. Think over and over, “Love. Love. Love. Love.” Until something starts to happen. Return to neutral, then think an opposite, negative though and again see what happens. You can even think of a person or object in the room and see what happens when you do that.

Wands neutral and ready.  

Wands neutral and ready.


It's fun! Be playful and have an open mind.

I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you, but it’s pretty F’ing cool. And a great reminder. Energy travels in waves and does bounce off of things to return to us. What energy do you want returning back to you?



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