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The Softer Side of the Law

Law of Attraction. Abraham-Hicks. The Secret. Think and Grow Rich. E (2). Energy and vibration.

The Law of Attraction

It says, what you think about, what you vibrate, what you believe to be true in the cells of your being is what you manifest and draw to you. Align yourself with what you want and it comes. Avoid focusing on what you don't want, because there is no "not" to the Law. If you're constantly thinking "I don't want this, I'm afraid this will happen, Why does this bad thing keep happening?"...: that will come to you. 

I was formally introduced to these concepts in 2012. Since then I've done really great with it and sometimes not so great. I can see areas where I am fully aligned and areas were I'm still understanding. To me, alignment is the full knowing and believing something will manifest and I don't give it another thought. Or if I do, I'm thinking about it as a done deal, something that will happen.

Abraham-Hicks and The Secret really focus on get into alignment with your desire, really focus on it.  If you're not able to focus on it in a positive way, then you distract yourself from those thoughts. And yet, sometimes it seems no matter how in alignment I feel, things don't always manifest. It can be maddening! Why does it seem so easy sometimes and so hard at others?

The Softer Side

Through a too-long-to-explain-here chain of Divine events I met a wonderful women who told me about The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn. Her writings on the Law are from 1925 - 1945. Not as well known today, her concept and explanation of the Law contains the feminine energy that, for me, is missing from more recent discourse.

Because she talks about right desire, in perfect ways, under grace.

It's not about getting all that you want just because you want it. There needs to be a rightness to your heart's desire. And from that rightness all that is yours, and more, flows to you quickly and easily.

Right desire is anything that allows you to fully live your life's purpose, your Dharma.

If I want to win the lottery so I can be lazy, retire, and never work again, that's not right desire. Because my Dharma is to teach, learn, inspire, and love. Having so much money that I never work again isn't in alignment with my soul, no matter how clear my vibration might be.

If winning the lottery were my desire, a right one might be, "Let me receive a large amount of money so that I can create avenues to open up my teaching to more people, reaching the ones who are seeking that which I have to teach." Or perhaps, "May I receive a large sum of money, in perfect ways, in perfect time, under grace so that I can learn new information to enhance my teaching." Feel the difference? Selfish desire vs. right desire. Desire in alignment with soul.

Even before I understood the Law I can see where it was always working for me, to help keep me on my life's path. Any time I desired something with a pure heart and that would in some way support my Dharma, it came to me.

I'm only a few months in to using the softer side of the Law. What I know for sure is it feels better and more right that any other version I've encountered. I've seen immediate results and also come to understand that some results will come in the perfect time, in perfect ways, under grace.

I'm 100% in Faith, living far more fearlessly than ever.

This is good stuff, if you're curious go buy this book and dive in. Hey! Maybe we can even form a Sisterhood of the Law or something?? Reach out if you do, I trust this will form if it is meant to for the right reasons.

I'll leave you with the quote that jumped out at me today:

"I give thanks that I now bring forth from the Universal Substance everything that satisfies all the righteous desires of my heart."


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