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{Social} Silence is Golden

For a while there social media was a big struggle for me. It felt like so much Ick and I wasn't fully sure why. There was only one thing I knew I could do.

I stepped away.

With full kindness to myself, I gave myself permission to not engage or really be on social. For as long as it would take for me to figure it out. 

2 1/2 months later I began to understand the problem. It was MY problem, my presence I was uncomfortable with. It had nothing to do with how or why others post. I didn't love who and how I was being because it wasn't fully in alignment with me, my Dharma, my soul's purpose. And any time we're living out of alignment with our soul we lack a sense of fulfillment.

While social media was created for us to connect and share, I found I was doing one of two things the majority of the time over there.

I was "taking". 

As in trying to get something from people. What was I trying to get? People to come to my yoga classes. So many posts had the embedded message, "Come to my yoga class. Come to my yoga class." 

But really, if you know me you know I teach yoga and that I LOVE it. Duh! Plus, you know how to find out where and when I'll be. This constant bombardment of mine felt kinda gross. Now, if I have schedule adjustment or new monthly theme I'll share it so that students are aware of what's up, but that's pretty much it.

Or I was: "Look at how cool, awesome and perfect my life is."

Honestly, I do love my life and think it's really, really great. It's also really, really human. Which means it's mostly fully of mundane tasks, lots of alone time in my office, nothing glamorous punctuated by the cool s*** that ends up getting posted. Hello, ego and wanting recognition.

My Dharma, or soul's purpose, it to teach, learn, inspire, and love. When I'm engaged with these aspects of myself I feel satisfied and fulfilled no matter the result. Each of those feels like giving to me. I realized that if I want social to be satisfying instead of Ick, I needed to find a way to engage with these aspects of myself over there. 

I'm trying to create posts that fit those categories. Trying to be giving. And I no longer force myself to post every day because I think I "have to". If I don't have time, energy, or creativity on my side I don't post.

I'm also working on non-attachment to the results. If I've created a post I feel good about, it doesn't matter how many it reaches or resonates with. It only has to resonate with me and my soul's purpose.

I feel so much better about social now. If you're curious about this new me, come on over to Instagram @cathy_loves_yoga and/or Facebook

Do you love how you're being on social? If  yes, great keep on doing it! If no, what changes can you make to feel better about that aspect of your life? Or maybe even have the courage to step away until you figure it out? 

Social can and should feel good. I fully believe in and support you in who and how you choose to be.


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