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The Power of Prema

I've been hinting over on my Instagram page, @cathy_loves_yoga, that now the instruction of yoga is about to begin. And it is. But before we dive into yoga I want to tell you all about this word I've recently come across that has completely enchanted me, sparked a fire in my soul, and has radically shifted my understanding of the world, my life and the Universe.

In my 20 years of yoga practice and study I have never come across this word, until recently when I was searching for a Sanskrit symbol. I think it's interesting that we don't start with this word because ultimately, for me, it's what every single yoga lesson has ever truly, at it's deepest and most pure, has ever about.

The word is...


Prema means love. But so much more than "I love you" whether that is romantic love, friendly love, parental love. Prema is deeper and more of the Truth that many of us are seeking. I'm starting to get an inkling that we most of us are yearning for, feel like in missing in our hearts and our lives, and what we are trying to find and fulfill is this type of Love.

Prema includes "human love, Divine love and Universal love."


That. That right there is what I'm talking about. 

There's a mantra, Ahum Prema, that translates as "I am Love" as in that definition above. For me, though, the word on it's own is so much more powerful. Because yes, I am Love and you are Love but also EVERYTHING is Love. And when we can look at wonder with all we are surrounded with and see it as love, well that's the game changer.

Have you ever seen that YouTube video of the little girl standing in front of a mirror singing joyfully to herself, "I can do anything good. I like my hair. I like my pajamas. I like my whole house"? That's the joy and wonder we can and should bring into our own lives, to be able to feel this sense of Prema.

For me lately I've been full of wonder and gratitude for everything around me like this, "Wow. The Universe loves us so much it inspired someone to create this pen in such a fun color. That's Love." "Wow, the Universe loves me so much my husband was born and met me at the perfect time.  That's Love." "Wow. The Universe loves us so much it inspired people to create the technology I'm writing this post on and that you're reading it on. That's Love." "Wow. The Universe loves us so much it inspired people to create flight, airports, and an entire beautiful world to explore. That's Love."

Sparkly nail polish, the lake park, groovy yoga pants, abundance, Thai food, Hawaii, ladybugs, email, snuggly pets, curtains...This can go on for hours, days, weeks, an entire lifetime. And it leads to a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, faith, and trust that I am fully cared for and cradled by the Divine. Plus, I'm full of curiosity at what I'll discover next thanks to Prema.

Look around you and see how everything you are surrounded with is Love.  Yes, even difficult times are infused with this Love. In those dark moments we pull forward, expand, and grow closer to this truth. As hard as dark moments are, anything that helps us grow into deeper understandings, deeper compassion for ourselves and others, a deeper sense of our connection to one another via the Cosmic Jellyfish, that's still Love and our mission is to try as best we can to turn toward the Light, the Love and allow it to vibrate from our souls outward.

Like ripples on a pond, moving outward creating more ripples, when you and I choose to see, know and feel Love it ripples outward from us creating more ripples of Love beyond us out into the world.

That is the Power of Prema.

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