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A Visit From Old Friends

Love and Joy came by my side.

They said:


Have fun





It's time

Go free

Have fun

And with these things your life will fall into place


Lately I have been reminded that it's possible for things that used to be fun, satisfying or fulfilling to no longer be that way. And that is not bad or wrong, it just is. When things are no longer fun, if afterward we feel ick, guilt, dis-ease, remorse or some other negative feeling, it is simply our inner guidance saying, "Choose another way to be in the world."

Recently, I've noticed that social media leaves me feeling kind of ick. It used to feel fun, like I was connecting and sharing with people I knew and cared about. But as it becomes more of a high-light reel and entertainment medium I feel more disconnected, frustrated, or honestly not at all caring.

So I made a choice to dramatically limit my social media use and posting for a week. And a week turned into two and now going on three. And what Love and Joy said is so true. I'm having more fun, I'm being more creative, I feel freer, I'm receiving more and more from the Universe. I'm putting my energy into my joy, my satisfaction, to living my one wild, precious life on purpose for the thrill of it.

I'm still be around there a bit, but certainly don't see it all. If you ask if I saw something chances are I'll say no and ask you to tell me all about it. I love hearing stories live and in person! Of course I'll continue let you know when and where I'm teaching yoga, and share things when it seems fun and I feel inspired to play in that medium. 

In the space of not spending much time over there I do things like write (even this very post is being done at a time where I would have been mindlessly on FB), color, meditate, read, research a few topics of interest for forward momentum in my life, do a few yoga poses, cuddle with a cat, and on and on. I'm so much more connected to my life.

And that is what Love and Joy came to say. Unity within ourselves. Fun for ourselves. Creativity for ourselves. Receptivity for ourselves. And when we do this the fullness of life expands before us with ease. I know it to be true because I'm living it. 

I dare you to live it and know it to be true, too.


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