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I TOTALLY Flipped!

I really, really did – flip, like hard-core. Except I didn’t flip out, I flipped in.

Sometimes when I meditate, my Spirit Guides will come and talk to me or show me images. In November of last year, a female guide came to me and showed me an image.

A path, through a golden, grassy field. It’s narrow, single file only. On the left side of the path stands a tree. Sort of like an apple tree, it is sold, has a wide canopy with big, green leaves. 

The path ends at a horizon of pure white. I can’t see beyond the horizon line or the whiteness.

I know deeply this guide came to help me change my perspective. I need to change my perspective. But I can’t and it’s frustrating. I can’t see beyond the horizon, I don’t know where the path is leading, so how can I change my perspective on it??

She brings me up, above the image, so that I’m looking down on the golden, grassy field, the tree and the path. The path is empty without me on it, the horizon still blank white. I am so frustrated! I want to change my perspective. I want to understand what she is telling me, why she brought me here. But I CAN’T.

I mull on this image, I try to understand the message for a while. But I simply cannot change my perspective or understand where the path is going. I finally give up on it because I’m stuck and frustrated.

I decide whole-heartedly to live from a place of immersion and receptivity. To choose to spend time and my attention on things that elevate me.

In early March I was in Hawaii with my Hubby, I playfully, impulsively took this picture, living fully in the moment.

Deep, strong, solid roots holding me steady.

Deep, strong, solid roots holding me steady.


When we looked at it later he said the most loving thing to me, “Never under estimate the depth of your yogic roots just because things haven’t outwardly manifested yet.”

Powerful words that began to open me to a different perspective.

A few weeks ago a different Spirit guide came to me. He took me back to the path, with the tree by its side. And he, too, took me above the path. This time I understood.

I am not on this path. I am the tree.

Its roots sink down into the depth and richness of yogic wisdom. Others walk along the path. Some discover this tree and stay in its shade, hang out and enjoy. Sometimes there will be many, many people by this tree. Sometimes only a few. Or even only one.

Some will stay a very long time. Some will come and go and come and go. Some will stop for only a moment and some will glance and think, "Ugh, I hate that tree!"

The value of the tree never changes. It is constant, study, wise and has plenty to offer those who choose to hang out beneath it. It continues to sink its roots deeper and deeper into the soil, gaining more wisdom and richness.

I was so soothed by this switch in perspective. Right now there are a handful of people hanging out under my yoga tree where in the past there were hundreds. And in time, that will shift and grow and shrink, shift and change. I know my offerings, my wisdom, my teachings are always of value no matter how many I share them with at any given time.

I continue to learn, to grow my yoga roots deeper, and to hold steady, knowing these my roots are holding me strong, no matter the outward manifestation or the perception of others.

I am forever grateful to my yoga practice, to my teachers who have courageously gone before to show me, by their example how to hold steady and go deep. And more than words can express, I am grateful to all who travel the path beside this tree, no matter how long or how often they choose to stop by.


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