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What Happens in Hawaii....

As many of you know, I went to Hawaii last week. What you don’t know is I went with the intention of being receptive. To receive goodness in all its forms with no particular expectation of result or outcome.

Once upon a time I was a naive early 20is year old and at a Weezer concert with a date. He ran into a friend with back stage access and disappeared. Alone in my seat, an usher took pity and gave me a pit pass. As in mosh pit.

Clueless about the pit, I wanted to be front and center. Immediately blindsided from the left, I was knocked down, hard. Stunned but unhurt I went to the right hand corner, out of the crowd and out of the action.

It was safe there on the edges. And that’s where I mostly spent the last 25ish years. Not always of course, but in many, many ways safely on the edge of life and all it has to offer.

As my Hubby and I arrived in Hawaii last week we stepped onto our balcony to an incredible view of the North Shore and 30 foot waves! There was a big wave completion being held a few miles away, one that hadn’t been held since 2009 because it requires such special conditions.

In that instant I realized what a rare and special treat we were enjoying and that to be receptive to life I had to be immersed in life.

I put my phone away, got myself as close to front and center of each class as possible, and dove in 100%.  I turned cartwheels in grassy fields. Got covered in sand while building a sand castle city. Explored deserted trails. Participated without question in dance and yoga classes, following directions, listening fully and staying the course with each instructor.

Can you find me? I'm the one glowing with joy at being immersed in life!

Can you find me? I'm the one glowing with joy at being immersed in life!

What I received back was total satisfaction. I loved every moment. From admiring the amazing waves, to jumping around at concerts, trying out new classes, talking and meeting people from all over the States.

Beyond the Wanderlust Festival, my Hubby and I made 4 new friends, who all live in Hawaii! We received unexpected blessings and gifts: a clutch and tank for me, a tee for him. A delicious local fruit platter, deserts. A fresh made green smoothie sample. A taste of pineapple with lihimui – something we had never heard of.

This piece is super important:

I gave myself permission to trust and feel my impulses to play. To do the cartwheels, to stop and offer gratitude when I felt it, and to strike yoga poses on the beach. To talk with everyone we met with kindness and an open heart.

Rather than holding back safely at the edges of life I LIVED it.

And that made all the difference. From a good trip to an incredible, awesome trip. I can see how that makes all the difference from a good life to an incredible, awesome one!

I’m eager to continue to live day-to-day life with this new found sense of immersion and receptivity.

Ask out loud for what you are desiring. Immerse yourself in experience. Become receptive. Give thanks and gratitude for every little thing that comes your way as a result.


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