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The Cosmic Jellyfish

Imagine a jellyfish. A kind jellyfish. As a matter of fact this jellyfish is made of pure, white light. It pulses and radiates only love. Each tentacle swaying in response to the pulses. Each tentacle not separate from the body, but a vital piece of the whole. Just as your arm is a vital piece of the whole you, not different or separate, simply your whole being.

Let me tell you a story. While at Wanderlust O'ahu we went to the MC Yogi concert.  During the show he had us all link up, hands to shoulders. We jumped up and down and left and right together. The entire audience did that. Together.

 I had the thought, 
“We are all here for each other.”
Arms up to the Love

Arms up to the Love

We are all One, a piece of the collective Universal Energy. I imagine it like this. Our collective energy is that kind, light filled jelly fish and we are each a tentacle. Connected to the whole, part of the whole and also individual extensions of it. Like a waterfall. You don’t consider the waterfall separate from the river, only a different expression of the river.

That's what we are: different expressions of the same Energy Life Force and we are all here for each other.

The performers who love to perform. The tech crew who assemble a safe and functional stage. The lighting team who coordinate the lights to go with the show. The IT people working technology so all goes smoothly. The audience who came to be entertained and enjoy. This moment in time could only happen because we all came together to create it.

All life experiences are like this. We all come together to create them because we are all One.

We are all pure Light, pulsating with Love.

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