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Women: You need to Stop THIS.

A women I love dearly got a new job last spring. Within the first month she publicly posted how many of her co-workers were making comments like, "You need to smile" or "You look angry". She replied, 

Resting Bitch Face: Real or Humor Gone Wrong?

Resting Bitch Face: Real or Humor Gone Wrong?

       "I can help it if I have resting bitch face."

My heart dropped at reading those words. If you saw this woman the only thing you would ever think of her is how beautiful she is. Both inside and out. No matter what her facial expression is.

Privately, I offered her a challenge: for the next 30 days think this to yourself, "I have resting beautiful face." She agreed to give it a try, even though she didn't believe it.

A week later I saw in her person and asked how the challenge was going. She let me know almost all of those comments had stopped!

There are two important things you need to know. First, the phrase began as Bitchy Resting Face around 2009 and came into popularity in 2013 as a result of a comedic YouTube video. That's right, women. We've decided we look like bitches anytime our expression is anything but pure joy because of a comedy video. Give it a look, the actors are exaggerating and making "bitchy" faces on purpose, they aren't relaxed or resting. (Side note: relaxed or resting faces look blissful)

Second, people are responding to your vibration, or the energy you put out, which begins in your thoughts. That's why for the sweet woman in my story, the comments stopped. Her face didn't change. The general way her facial expression was didn't change. She was no longer putting out the vibration of bitch but rather putting out the vibration of beautiful.

Your beauty does not end the moment your facial expression changes. You are beautiful all. the. time.

Here is my challenge for you:

    1. Stop thinking and saying, "I have Resting Bitch Face."

    2. Stop saying other women have Resting Bitch Face.

    3. Do the 30 day challenge and think to yourself, everyday, "I have resting beautiful face." Or simply, "I am beautiful." 

Share with us in the comments if you took up this challenge or if you passed it along to a friend and encouraged her to give it a try. I believe in your beauty.

Let's collectively raise our beauty vibration and shine it into the world.

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