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Thank You, 2016!

2016 collectively held so much for us. Loss, confusion, fear, anger. We often tend to focus on the difficulty and negativity, which is normal. It’s a form of protection, the brain recognizes danger and replays it as a warning: look out! stay alive!

Yet our heats can hold more than one thing. I promise there has been a deep reservoir of good for all of us this year, too. The word yoga, at its purest, means to yoke. To bind together all aspects of ourselves into an integrated whole. Like in the move Inside Out, it’s not Joy or Sadness, it’s Joy AND Sadness.

I recently shared a deep pain with a friend, one I’m not ready to share with everyone. It was the type of sentence that punches you in the gut and takes your breath away. I don’t want to rid myself of the pain but rather incorporate it into the fullness of myself. That way when others are having a similar experience I can say, “Yes. I’ve been there. I know this pain.” I can be in a state of compassion – if only to listen and share the weight of it. Much in the way my friend sat and held space for that difficult feeling.

Allow your heart to hold it all. (image credit: Breakthrough Ministry)

Allow your heart to hold it all. (image credit: Breakthrough Ministry)


As we move forward into 2017 there are feelings, thoughts and behaviors that would best be released because they no longer serve us. There are also pieces of our story, our experience that would best be integrated into ourselves. We don’t need to rid ourselves of the past, the pain. We can release attachment to that being all there was or all there is, to it being the only story told, the only thing that defines us or this past year.

That story of pain I told? It was followed by this, “That made this year pretty crap-tastic. The rest of the year was AWESOME,” as I began to gush about all the wonderful progress and adventure 2016 held for me.

Release your grip, not your stories.

2016 was crap-tastic and awesome. Our heats have immense capacity to hold it all.

When we welcome, acknowledge, allow and integrate - when we yoke and bind ourselves to the wholeness of human experience – THAT is yoga.


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