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Gridlock vs. Guidance

Dear Friends and Yogis, 

My hubby and I are what's known as Native Angelenos - born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. I'm gonna sound like an old bitty with this one but...back in the day there was a saying, "Everything in LA is 20 minutes." As in, you could get in your car and arrive pretty much anywhere in around 20 minutes. 

That slowly changed over the years. A decade ago we were spending 2 - 4 hours a day sitting in our cars. Deep in our bones we know there were other things we could do with our precious time on Earth than sit in cars. And had no clue what that might be...

This was a normal day.   (Photo credit: Rancho Post-Gazette)

This was a normal day.   (Photo credit: Rancho Post-Gazette)

So we quit our jobs, sold our homes and moved away. To a place where we knew exactly one person - our real estate agent. No job offers or ideas of what would happen next.

Everything was completely uncertain.

2 big things I did't know then but know now:

 - Everything is still uncertain and always will be.

- I was unknowingly practicing Isvara Pranidhana. To me this means Faith. The trust that the whispers, thoughts and feelings are 100% accurate and should be followed.

The feeling that we could be doing something else was guidance that we should be doing something else.

Those hours we reclaimed? 10 years X 2 - 4 hours a day? Wow! I wish I could somehow show you this crazy ride. What ultimately happened is we did find out what we would do with that time. We both discovered and embraced our Dharma, or soul's purpose in this life, along with living in the present with joy, pleasure, and delight. We found our what we truly need to live satisfied, fulfilled lives and how to approach what's next with a sense of wonder and anticipation. 

Surrender. Have Faith. Trust. Listen to the whispers and feelings..."I feel like I need to...." "There's something else...." "I don't know why but I really want to...." That's Divine guidance. And the deeper you dive in and follow it the more amazing this life will be.


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