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My Heart or My A**?

Sometimes I wonder….

- when I see posts of strong, supple, beautiful women doing yoga in their bikinis and underwear and they have hundreds and thousands of likes -

...“Should I do that?”

My ego shouts, “Yes! We love getting lots and lots of likes and followers!!”

Then my heart says, “What about me?”

That ONE time...

That ONE time...

Ego: Who cares if we don’t really do yoga in our underwear? Let’s put on a cute pair of cheekies and get busy!
Heart: What about me? What about Satya, truth? What about cracking me wide open to pour out love and yoga? Showing the connection it creates for body, mind and soul?
Ego: Yeah, but you can’t show all that in a picture. Now, a nice a** shows that yoga works. And how comfortable we are in our skin.
Heart: That does show how it can work on the outside and that is valuable. A strong, supple body feels good. But a picture can never show how yoga works on the inside. We have to try. We need to show our truth, our self and our Self. That yoga takes the emergency out of life. Yoga makes not only our body feel better but our mind a kinder, happier place. Yoga has given us the connection to our soul and breathed deep satisfaction and fulfillment into life.
The nice a** is a lovely bonus, but it's the more that draws us back day after day, year after year.
Ego: The likes, the followers…I want tons of them!
Heart: I know, understand and have compassion for that. It makes us feel seen and heard. But we know there is far more satisfaction in pouring me out to those who want the more, to move deeper, to have candid conversations that touch the soul. Quality connections lead to lasting fulfillment more than the appreciation of our nice a**.
There is, dear ego, a difference between being comfortable in our skin – which takes place in the heart-brain – a comfort and connection to our true Self, and being comfortable about our body and it being seen by others.
It takes, perhaps, more courage to show me to the world. To expose that which is deeply meaningful, sacred, special, and True. And, this is what the world needs.


I've decided.

I'll continue to show you my heart and not my a**. (Unless in rare, authentic cases like the pic above where I was called to play on the water.) As challenging as that may be in our digital world where images and words can limit the depth of feeling and vibration that lies within. Deep in the very Be-ing-ness of my soul, I know this is what matters.

But still I’ll wonder…what do you want? My heart or my a**?


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